JANUARY 25, 2018
NAMM Show, Anaheim, CA

Antares Tech - creators of AutoTune - have paired with Jordani & The Sun Kings to create a feel-good ad campaign for the release of their new product: AutoTune Pro.  The ad campaign features just over 90 seconds of an original Jordani & TSK's song, "Black Coffee" with a custom verse by Northwest hip-hop artist E-dawg to highlight the autotune effect.

Filmed as a day in the studio, the video starts with the organic sounds of a recording session set-up: guitar noodling, drum kit level-testing, etc.  Quickly, with the metronome, Jordani's vocals come in with the full band with their signature laid back groove.  

"Black Coffee" is being released as an unofficial single in support of the national ad campaign.  The complete and unedited song is currently available for download on BandCamp, with full digital distribution available in February 2018.

Jordani & The Sun Kings Play the Old Stone

SEPTEMBER 28, 2017
Bend, Oregon

Chemistry among musicians can be an elusive thing. The pop music annals are littered with stories of musicians finding that certain, inexplicable “spark” in a collaboration that they can never find again. Seattle soul-pop band Jordani & The Sun Kings seems to have found its spark almost immediately, as evidenced by its debut album “Live at Pacific Studios,” which documents the band’s second-ever show. Of course, it helps that the quartet’s members all have experience as studio musicians, while singer-songwriter Jordani Sarreal has worked as a producer and musician in Tacoma, Washington. But there’s no denying the powerful performances on “Live …,” anchored by Sarreal’s sultry delivery and old-school songwriting sensibilities....(read more)